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Raas Capital offers structured products across asset classes. Our expertise covers equities, fixed income, credit, currencies and commodities, funds and alternative investments. Structured products, also known as structured investments, can provide enhanced return and increased diversification for client portfolios, and are sold through distributors to high net worth individuals and retail investors.

A flexible and evolving segment of the capital markets, structured investments may be added to an investor’s holdings to address a particular investment objective within an overall investment plan.

What Structured Products/Investments Can Offer You?

Structured products/investments typically combine a debt security or certificate of deposit with exposure to other underlying asset classes (such as equities, commodities, currencies or interest rates) to create a vehicle that investors can use to:

  • Express a market view (bullish, bearish or market neutral);
  • Complement an investment objective (conservative, moderate or aggressive);
  • Hedge an existing position; and
  • Gain exposure to a variety of underlying asset classes without making a direct investment in the underlying asset.

Structured investments are typically originated and offered by investment banks and come in a variety of forms. In general the key characteristics of a structured investment are:

Fixed Term—All structured investments have a specified maturity date or term, which can be as short as three to six months or as long as 15 to 20 years. Investors should consider the maturity of the offering based on their own view of the markets and their anticipated future income and liquidity needs.
Formula Based Returns—Structured investment returns are based on specific formulas that are tailored to a particular market outlook or market view. Investors know from the outset how the performance of the underlying asset will determine their potential return or potential loss, provided that the investment is held until maturity. If sold prior to maturity in the secondary market, the value of the securities could be significantly less than the initial investment.
Potential to Generate Outperformance—Structured investments can be designed to potentially generate returns in excess of a specific benchmark within a range of performance. Outperformance strategies, however, are often subject to significant risks, including loss of principal.
Credit Risk—All payments on structured investment products, including the payment of par at maturity (where provided for by the terms), are subject to the issuer’s credit risk.




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