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At Raas Capital, we offer joint venture advisory services to all firms and companies to help companies expand their operations. A team of dedicated and expert professionals analyze the viability of the joint venture alliance and offer a complete report with the possibilities, advantages, and risks associated with the proposed plan. This makes it easy for our clients to seek the right kind of relationship. Once the agreement is finalized, our team progresses with the execution process keeping all the transactions transparent. All the services including joint venture governance, decision making, performance reporting, associated fees, evaluation of possible risks, asset management, exist mechanisms, negotiations, and finalizing the deals are all offered in qualitative manner and time.

A Joint venture is a business agreement or deal between two or more businesses or companies for the key purpose of accomplishing all business undertakings. The companies that sign the agreement are also liable to share their profits, losses, and liabilities for the pre-defined time period. The venture represents a complete new entity but all the parties involved enjoy the right to exist as a separate firm. The most essential advantage of a joint venture is that all the companies into the deal share their money, property, efforts, knowledge, along with sharing the risks and losses.

In the recent years, the increasing number of entrepreneurs has given a dramatic rise to joint venture in various industrial sectors. This has eventually given rise to more number of advisory services that offer a range of solutions with regards to advisory services.




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